Bubby Meets the Pickle

Hey Mom, what’s that you got up there? Smells kind-a weird. But it must be good the way you’re gnawing on that thing. Hand it over.

I need to try a bite or three.

Oh my word!

What in tarnations is this thing?

Is it really edible? Smells like fermented rubber.

Tastes like it, too.

What did you do? Leave this out on the counter for weeks?

I’ve got to find a better use for this thing.

Take that you despicable baby toy! (Whack! WHACK!)

My weapon is no match for you. Now DIE! (Whack!)

Sheesh! This thing is indestructible!

I still can’t believe Mom actually eats these things.
Ohhh…hurts my belly.
And my tongue is starting to feel kind-a swell-y.

Hey, that rhymes. And here’s another rhyme:

Pickles are sour
Pickles are stinky
I wouldn’t eat one,
If you twisted my pinky.

Okay, enough of that…

Now, let’s see. I’ve got to get rid of this somehow.

Hey Mom, no need to pay any attention to me over here! I’m just finishing up my, uh, reeking rubber snack! Yep, just a couple bites left and I’ll be ready for some dessert.

There. She’ll never find it here on the dirty floor–I’ve disguised it amongst the cheerios.


  1. by Monica on February 9, 2010  11:41 am Reply

    too cute!!! ...

  2. by Sandy B on February 9, 2010  4:49 pm Reply

    Love it...your blog posts always make me smile! :-)

  3. by Karen on February 9, 2010  2:00 pm Reply

    Ha! I loved this. Have you given him a lemon, yet? Totally cracked us up, but go figure all my kids love it! They still love lemons.

  4. by Debra on February 10, 2010  3:49 am Reply

    Thanks Maggs! I love that kid!! You guys aren't so bad either. :)

  5. by Alicia on February 10, 2010  2:20 pm Reply

    oh Maggs! you're a trip! :)
    though it looked to me that he might be a convert some day... pickles are yummy! :)
    thanks for sharing!

  6. by nancy thompson on May 11, 2010  7:02 pm Reply

    Maggie, that is soooo precious {pictures of Bubby}and your comments are perfect!1 Love you guys, Nancy T.

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