The Greatest Lover

I have been loved all my life. Yes, even the earliest part of my life–birthed to a mom and dad who really didn’t have much to give–so wrecked they were by drugs and alcohol. Even then, they loved me the best they could.  And they loved me most when they let me go…so I could be loved better.

 And the Ma and Pa I have now? They loved me deeply. (Still do.) Now, they weren’t perfect either. There are some days they would probably like to erase. (Don’t we all have those days?) And even though there were hard, hard times between us, I always knew, always knew that they loved me more than anybody. I never once doubted that. Not even on the loud yelling days. Or the it’s-too-awkward-to-even-talk-to-you-days. Now, that’s a lot of love.

And this husband of mine? He really loves me well. I was always good at imagining things when I was a girl, but never once did I imagine a feller so wonderful as this feller.  Of course, he’s not flawless, either. (Which is a good thing or else we wouldn’t fit together at all.) But, he’s sure good at loving me. And every day I’m grateful.  Every day. 

I’m amazed by all this love I’ve been given. But can I tell you what amazes me the most? I’m most amazed by the greatest Lover of all–my Maker. My relentless Pursuer. The One who woos me to Himself a thousand times a day if I but have eyes to see Him and am quiet enough to hear Him. All the love in the whole world is but a glimmer, just a taste of the crazy love He has for me. But would you believe I still doubt? Though He whispers it and though He shouts and reaches out to me in the gentlest ways, I still sometimes doubt His love. Sometimes I just don’t trust His heart. And yet…yet He keeps breathing it into me. He fills up my lungs again and again with this promise that He’ll never leave me. He’ll never forsake me. He’s not about to walk out. He won’t be giving up on me. He will bear long with me. He won’t stop. He won’t quit. He is for me. He is for me. He is for me.
So, today if we’re gonna be celebrating love, then I’m not gonna miss the chance to celebrate Him. He is where all the love comes from. Did you hear that? When you feel love…it’s Him. Lean in.

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