Biker Bub

Dear Everybody,
 I thought you should know that I’m gonna be a Harley man when I get big. I’m gonna be a Harley man named Big-man Biker Bub and I’ll join a Harley chapter and participate in Harley chapter activities and make lots of Harley friends.

Even though my mom said it wasn’t a good idea. She said motorcycles are dangerous. She thinks I might drive real fast. She thinks I might get a big belly. And I might get too hot in that black leather outfit and I might pass out. And I might get deaf because they’re very, very loud. And I might get other people deaf that are not Harley riders. And she said people might get the wrong impression and think I’m just a big ole’ mean guy.
But the good news is, I already have a helmet so my head won’t get hurt. I mean, my head will probably get too hot but it won’t get hurt. And I won’t even speed. Because big Harely mans just take it nice and easy. 

And I won’t get deaf because I’ve already been practicing yelling very very loud so my ears can adjust.
And I won’t get a big belly because I’m only going to be eating at healthy gas stations. And I’ll pack wholesome snacks and hand ’em out to all my Harley friends. 
And no one will think I’m mean because if I see a turtle or a kitty on the road, I’m just gonna stop and help it across so it won’t get smashed. And when Mom hears that, I’m pretty sure she’ll just go ahead and change her mind. Because who can resist a Big Hearted Harley Man Biker Hero Dude? 

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