What I Really Want From Today

I want to have unbroken fellowship with my Creator. The One who knit me together, who molded and fashioned me like clay in a potter’s hand. The One who formed life from dust and makes beautiful things out of jars of clay. 
I want to hear His voice. To follow His lead. To feel His love.
I want to gut-believe in the good hand of God toward me. To trust Him in a wild abandoning way. The reckless kind that knows no fear because of the sure belief that He is good and that everything He does is good and I am held.
I want to breathe in and out His grace. To open my hand to whatever He gives. To know that whatever trouble and pain I stumble upon in the path ahead are not circumstances that I should fear, but life-lines meant to draw me closer into the tender heart of Him who one day will right all wrongs and bring justice to the oppressed.
 I want to work at love and love my work. There are things that I must get done to keep a household going–laundry, cleaning, making meals–and I want to do them well so that this home will be a place of peace and reflect the heart of Him who is always at all times making all things new.
As I go about my duties, I want to remember that the stuff of this life does not last forever, but people do. People are more important than things, they are more important than my to-do list. Ten years from now, I may not wish I had checked more Facebook, swept more floors, impressed more friends. I may wish I had loved more deeply, paid more attention, cradled more often, spoken more softly. Because this is how you nurture a life. And that’s what I really want for today.
I want to abide in Him, the Source of life, so that He can live through me. I want to nourish other’s by spilling out. To reach out and touch–skin to skin. I am loved so I can love. This is happiness.

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