Just some funny things the kids are sayin’.

Here lately, Gideon has been saying some funny stuff. He’s at that fun age, you know, where he just says whatever in the world is going on in his head and whatever in the world is going on in his head is very interesting and usually makes me laugh. I love the way a 2 year old processes life.

Like the other day, I got him this old television. Like the kind that has a vhs player in it. Does anyone even know what I’m talking about? Anyways, I told him not to touch it, because you know how a 2 year old is…they think happiness in life consists in pushing buttons. The more buttons, the merrier. And on top of that, a vhs player has this cool flap that you can open and stick your hand in there and there’s all these other cool buttons on the inside that you can’t see and it feels kind of neat and tickles your fingers a little. And it’s all fun and games till someone gets their arm stuck. And then you have to explain to everyone passing why your kid has a tv attached to his arm. 

So, I told him not to touch it and when I wasn’t looking, he touched it. Of course. So, I told him again not to touch it. Actually, I said, “If you touch that again I’m going to string you up by your toes.”  A little while later I was in the kitchen and I hear this exhilarating little voice. “Hey Mommy! Come string me up by my toes! I touched the tv!!!” So, as a good mom, I had to follow through with my threat. And since I didn’t have any string on hand, I just turned him upside down and lifted him up by his legs. He was very heavy. I couldn’t lift him very high so I put him back down. Evidently, he thought that was the best so he ran over and touched the tv again and we repeated the process. It was exhausting. I’m going to have to think of a different consequence because that one really isn’t working.

Oh, and then the other day Gideon was talking incessantly in the backseat, as usual. My ears were getting tired. Brent’s ears were getting tired. So, Brent told him to be quiet. Gideon paused and got a puzzled look on his face and then said, “Hey Daddy…whaaaat haaaappened?” It was like he couldn’t believe we would even suggest such a thing. We thought that was funny.

And then today he was doing his usual whipping his head back and forth in a violent motion. I don’t know why he does that. I told him to stop doing that or else his neck might come off. Then he said, “That would be bad! I would say, hey mommy! Look! (points to floor.) And then I would put my neck back on my chin.”

Does your neck go on your chin? I guess it kind of does.

And Hope-y is pretty cute, too. She doesn’t say a whole lot that I can understand yet. I do hear “Gideon, Gideon, Gideon” about two hundred times a day. Oh, and she does say, “Kitty.” And then she tries to feed the kitty some catfood and occasionally tries a little herself. And there’s the cute little “uh-oh” after she purposefully throws her sandwich on the floor. And every once in a while we hear strange words like “elephant” as clear as day and we just burst out laughing.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I’m just trying to write this stuff down because I don’t want to forget. They grow up so fast, you know…Gideon is taking a nap in his big boy bed for the first time. Tomorrow he’ll be driving.

Peace out.

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