The Day the Box Came

A box came in the mail for us. A very big box and we were very excited with very big excitement. 
Well, we were excited until we were informed that we could not open the box until Daddy got home, and then we went into shock and our cheeks started doing this weird twitching thing and we started staring off into space and our brains went numb.
We knew that we loved the box and we refused to leave the box.
So to make the time pass quicker, we sat on the box and decided what in tarnations we could do for the next million years until Daddy got home. And we just knew we had to do something with this box. 
And after 10 seconds of thinking we got so tired and we just couldn’t take it any longer so we took a break from brainstorming and we just let our cheeks twitch and our brains go numb.
And suddenly we had a great idea. So, we stood on the box and delivered the Gettysburg Address and it was very interesting and not boring at all.
And when we were through with our speech, we let the box attack us and that was really exciting because it’s not everyday that you get attacked by a box.
And then we did a little attacking ourselves and pushed the box around and said, “Take THAT, box” and we hoped that nothing was breaking inside the box. 
And then we displayed our toy animals on the box. And that was quite fascinating.
But not nearly as fascinating as putting the box on the chair and then posing behind the chair while our bear sat on his box throne on the chair. Now, it just doesn’t get much more enthralling than that.
But then our creative juices really started flowing and we drew on the box.
And then we went bazzerk over who got to draw with the yellow and who got to use the purple and mommy put an end to that.
But then Mommy got bored so she drew on the box too. And since the box was from Arkansas, she didn’t worry too much about the teeth. (And she mumbled something about only people born and raised in Arkansas are allowed to make fun of people in Arkansas and that she was quite proud of her roots.)
And so we brushed the box’s teeth.
And we brushed the box’s lips.
And then we brushed the box’s chin. And that got a little weird so since Daddy still wasn’t home…
We just abandoned the box and made a cool pillow road instead.
And we took turns crushing each other on the pillow road. 
And that was actually funner than posing stuffed animals on top of our box.
And a million years went by a lot faster than we thought.
Because then Daddy got home and we got to OPEN THE BOX!!!
 And it was filled with all manner of treasures and more shiny BOXES!!!
And we cheered with glee. And our day became merry and bright. And our cheeks stopped twitching and our brains got un-numb because we would soon be eating homemade jelly and playing with our amazing toys. 
And we lived out the rest of our days in great happiness and exhilaration and our lives became complete. 
Thank you, Aunt “GiGi” for our box. We will never be the same.
The end.


  1. by Jodi on December 14, 2011  2:29 pm Reply


  2. by Stacey on December 15, 2011  2:36 pm Reply

    Toooo Cute - I love your kiddos. I just want to squeeze and love all over them. So precious. And very cute day waiting to open the box. :)

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