When You’re Worn Thin

 I’m pluggin’ along here, though I’m tired. I’ve been tired for days and can’t seem to shake it. Maybe I should’a been listening to my mama when she told me to take my vitamins. 
But, it’s not too hard to plug along when you have something to look forward to. Our little family gets to get on an airplane soon and head to Arizona to see my family. I’m so looking forward to that- spending time with them. Oh…and being warm. And wearing flip-flops. And a t-shirt. And being outside. And seeing cactus. And some sand. And palm trees. And maybe eating some rattlesnake fries somewhere.
Right now we’re covered in snow and I like snow, except the part where you have to drive in it. Last night we ventured out and I was on edge because it was comin’ down thick and blowin everywhere.  Bubby was in the back yelling and talking away and we kept telling him to be quiet, which is apparently the most foreign concept to him. We passed a couple of car-crashes, which I pointed out to him and told him if he didn’t be quiet we were going to crash. And then I asked him if he wanted to crash. And he said yes. Oh, brother. There’s just no using logic sometimes. 
 So, anyways, back to the part about being tired. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are tired and I think about all the people who have to do the same thing day after day after day, and they  kind of get in this zone of just existing and they don’t exactly get a change of scenery.
And then I read about this guy named Lazarus in the Bible and how he got sick and died–this guy who Jesus loved–and when Jesus heard, He said, “I’m gonna go wake him up.” So He came and told that Lazarus to get up from the grave and he did. I mean the guy was dead, clearly stinking dead and Jesus made him alive. And that Lazarus just stood there with his grave clothes on while the people gawked and stared. And Jesus told them to unbind him, to take those stinkin’ dead clothes off that guy and let him go. So he could walk around and keep on living.
(John 11)
And so I ask this God who wakes the dead and makes them come alive again, if He’ll raise me up from this groggy slumber. Because I can get worn thin from the weight of just living.
And you know what?
The One who calls Himself the Resurrection and the Life shows up once again. His glory breaks through my day and I can feel the way He pulses life into these veins. There’s this rescuing grace that helps the dead crawl up from their grave.
Now, I may still need to take a nap today, but as far as the rest of me goes–
 I think I’m bursting back to life.

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