What I Learned from Some Dirt and Dust

We go to the desert and I’m amazed at all the dirt. There’s just so much dust and rocks and grit in this world. And here we are walking around on it. All of us. I watch them walk up the sandy trail and it grips me. Something about this change of scenery makes my heart stand still and I can’t stop thinking about how He loves us. How very much He loves us. I’m amazed by this and it’s almost as if I could see His love come running as we walk around on all the dirt.

We sit in the sun, beside the cactus and the brush and it’s humbling, really.
I mean, we’ve erected a lot of structures from this stuff. We stack our bricks and make our buildings tall and grand and we build big cities and there we do such important things and we get big heads and ginormous egos.
And yet when reduced, it’s all just sand. Sand and gravel. And we walk on this stuff. All the places that we go–underneath our feet just dust.

These stones and grit help me see somehow. And make me wonder what it was like when Jesus walked our sod. How He got the dirt underneath His fingernails and the dust between His toes. And then I’m curious what that means for us. For all of humanity. What it means that a God-Man came to a world of dirt to redeem all the filthy ones and the lost ones and the wandering ones and even the smart ones. The ones that build grand things and get big heads and ginormous egos.

And while I’m in the desert I read about a people who come because they say that it’s a sacred place with hot spots of energy and there are those who worship the rocks and the dirt and the mountains. But, I can’t get past the Maker of all this and I’m utterly in awe, my heart fixed on Him who grows a garden up from dry ground.

Days later, I get on a plane and come back to snow and cold and a different point of view. And all because I walked on some dirt and squatted down to sift red sand through fingers. Red sand shouting out that there is a God and He is good. And rocks that spoke of a Love redeeming, running hard after, down dusty trails toward all of us. 

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