When the Winter is Very Wintry

 If the winter doesn’t go away, and keeps coming at you with all it’s wintry, winterness, 
don’t get discouraged. 
 Just get your sled. 
 And get your sister. And find a big hill.
And try to point yourself in the right direction if you can.
But, if that doesn’t work out as planned, just hold on.
And keep holding on. 
And yell for help if you need to.

And if you can’t move your arms, just yell louder.
Someone will surely come.
Like, a neighbor.
Or a stray cat.
Or a wandering crow.
Someone or something will come.
Just keep yelling.

And then get back on your sled and do it again.

Just don’t forget to hoot-n-holler.
Because fun intensifies to the ninetieth degree when you hoot-n-holler.

And when you can’t move your legs, just yell.
And keep yelling.
Someone will surely come.

And be brave.
And be scared.
Your eyes will water.
And your lips may freeze shut.
But this is fun.

Then go find a big guy.
A big guy with some big arms that can hold you tight.
A big guy that weighs more pounds than you do, so that you can increase speed down the big hill.
And sit on the big guy.
Always sit on the big guy.
Do not let the big guy sit on you.

And hold on.
Because in spite of what the big guy tells you, he’s out of control.
And he’s moving at rapid speeds that are only growing more rapid-er.
And your eyes will water.
And your lips will freeze shut.
But, this is fun.

This is very fun.
Especially when you hoot-n-holler.
And that’s what you do with a wintry winter.

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