You Might be a Redneck If…

I don’t know about ya’ll folks, but I was born and raised in Arkansas and I’m proud of it.
Ever bit.

I think that makes me full-blooded redneck.

But, if you’re an offspring of someone born and raised in Arkansas, well, then that makes you part redneck.

Which may explain why one of your favorite shirts is a John Deere shirt.

(Sorry, lil’ Hopey darlin’…but, it ain’t yer fault.) 

 And you might be a redneck if you like the slides and you enjoy the swings, but you’d much prefer to just sit a spell and deal in rocks and dirt.
And you might be a redneck if you know about a creek down in the holler and you refer to it as your swimmin’ hole.
So, you jump in the back of a pick-up and you can’t help but goofy-grin.
And smile big…
Hair all flapping in the wind.
And you might be a redneck if the sight of a red barn in the middle of a big field makes you feel like you’re home and you belong.

And the smell of manure makes your nose burn a little, but it ain’t half bad.

And you’d rather explore that swimmin’ hole than just about anywhere else on God’s green Earth.
Yep, if your happiest moments are just sittin’ around in some lawn chairs with your kin-folk…
crawdads swimmin’ at your feet, well then, you just might be a redneck.

And if the folks around you are throwin’ rocks at floating sticks and that makes you hoot and holler and you like the feel of dirt and grime all on your legs and you don’t much mind the squishy wet in your shoes…
And if you’ve got to sit right there in the middle of the creek to rest your weary tree-climbin, minnow-catchin’, rock-throwin self, then I don’t mean to make no assumptions, but, hear me out, ya’ll now–you might. just. be. a redneck.
And if later in the day, you find yourself pushin around a broken pick-up…
with a bunch a other fellars who like to push around a broken pick-up and if you consider that a mighty fine time, and in the words of Jeff Foxworthy, someone yells out, “Hey ya’ll! Watch this!!!”

And if there’s a crowd standin’ around cheerin’ fer you, well, then there’s no doubt about it…

You’re a redneck.


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