When You Just Need to Let Your Goofball Out

Sometimes we just can’t hold all the craziness in. So, we let it out. And we have a goofy face contest.
Scrunchy-face Bubby.
Look-down-the-back-of-my-throat-and-see-if-you-can-find-my-gizzard Bubby.
Chubby Bubby
Scrunchy-face chubby Bubby
Snortin’-piggy-face Bubby
Cheesy Bubby
Aaagh-there’s-a-weird-orange-thing-on-my-head-and-I-look-like-somethin’-off-Star-trek  Bubby
Aaagh-there’s-a-weird-thing-on-my-head-and-I-can’t-see-nothin’ Bubby
Happy Hopey
I’m-so-happy-my-head-hurts Hopey
I’m-so-happy-I’m-falling-out-of-my-seat Hopey
Where’d-you-go Hopey
Touch-my-nose-because-I-can’t-quite-make-the-piggy-face Hopey
Oh-no-there’s-no-more-chocolate! Hopey
Aaagh-there’s-a-weird-orange-thing-on-my-head-and-it-makes-me-so-happy Hopey.
Cool-you-should-lick-the-air-because-it-tastes-great Hopey
Hi-I’m-an-ole’-granny-and-I-lost-my-dentures Hopey
Okay, that’s probably enough goofiness for now.
Until next time.

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