If God is Real

I think about God a lot. The God of the Bible, that is. It’s not because I think that thinking about God makes me religious and I like to feel religious. Actually, the word religious makes me shrink back. It doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe because I’ve been burnt by religious.

But, I think about God a lot because when it all comes down, I really do believe that He’s there. And sometimes, in spite of what I believe in my deep down heart, I can be ashamed of believing that He’s there. Like, I’m some silly little kid who doesn’t know yet that Santa Claus isn’t actually real, or something like that. I guess because I know a lot of intelligent people and some of those intelligent people don’t believe in God. And so I wonder if they think I’m silly for believing. Like the way I thought the girl in fourth grade was silly when she insisted that she saw Santa in the sky.

So, anyways, I think about Him a lot. Because if He is real, then, well, I just can’t think of anything else more important to think about. You know what I mean? I guess I’m talking to the God-believers here. I wonder if you ever let it sink in? Because, I can’t get away from it. That God exists, and if He exists, as in, if He does indeed, actually, exist…then can there be anything else in this whole wide world more important than knowing Him?  Sometimes I just sit around dumbfounded. Because if there really is a God, a Maker of the planets, all this I see, of you and me, then why would we walk around all day as if He doesn’t matter much? Because we do that. We God-believers do that. But, if God is real…then shouldn’t that change absolutely every blood pumping second? For the most part, it does that for me. The belief in a God who is there–it changes all my blood pumping seconds.

It changes the way I look at this world and the way I live in this world. It changes everything. And honestly, I don’t understand God. I don’t. He does strange things. At least, they seem strange to my little mind, maybe because I can only see the here and now. But, I do love God. And I do believe in Him. And I never ever want to stop believing in Him. But, sometimes I get scared that I might. But, if God is real, then He can handle that part of me, too. I just know that when I ask Him to help my faith in Him, it always comes. 
And I don’t know why I wanted to tell you all this. I just did. Maybe because if God is real, (and since I believe that He is), I couldn’t think of anything else more important to tell you.

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