Seeking To Find

I go out looking for You, to find You.

You, who are Love, can do nothing but love
Nothing but.
And You are always whispering
Always shouting it out

That You are real and You are here

I think I see.

 Only dimly, I see at first
Walking this earth half-blind
But then the clouds shift
And the light bends this way and that
And for one sheer brilliant second
I see clearly.
Your red-hot crimson love
Spilling down
Healing this heart of mine.
You are real and You are here.
So I believe. 
There at the kitchen table
And later on my pillow in the dark of night
I stretch my hands up toward You
As if to touch Your face
As if I could feel You on these fingertips
You who made these hands
And these eyes and all that I see
And can’t see
You are real and You are here
I feel You now.
You were always all around me
And I knew it not.
Until I went out looking for You
I ached to see You most
Where I doubted You could be found.
And there You were
The One who was and is and is to come
God of Light and God of Love
You are real and You are here
I believe.

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