Samuel speaks

018Hi, everybody. My name is brudder. Well, actually, my name is lil’ britches but you can call me brudder.

My mom feeds me too many sweet potatoes. That’s why my nose is nearly orange.

009Did you know there’s still snow at my house? This is a picture of the sparkly snow. I wrote a poem. I called it “Snow.” You can print it out and hang it on your fridge if you want. It goes like this:

Why are you still here?
Yes, I see the way you sparkle.
I see the way you shine.
You look nice and all,
But you really should go

015This is my Dad and my big brudder. My Mom thinks they’re cute with their coordinating shirts. But, my brudder doesn’t like to be called cute. He just wants to be called cool. Not cute. Not beautiful. Not even handsome, really. Just cool. Because he said “cool” means that you can run fast. Duh.

017This is my big sisser. I like pulling her hair. I like screeching in her ear. I screech like a pterodactyl. Well, some would call it pterodactyl. Others might call it a wild cat, being runned over by a fast car. Either way, it’s good fun and it makes my sisser screech too. But, not in a good pterodactyl way.

My Dad helped my brudder and sisser make cupcakes. Isn’t it neat that he did that? Not all dads do that. He’s good at being a dad.


You’re probably wondering why I’m writing to you. Well, my Mom wanted to put all these pictures on facebook, but she thought that was too much for one day. And her brain was tired because she didn’t eat enough lunch, so she didn’t want to write anything important. So, I told her I’d just take over.

Sara-nara. I think that means goodbye.


  1. by Lydia on March 11, 2014  5:26 pm Reply

    Dear little brudder, you are as fantastic as your Momma! I hope you learn to love sweet potatoes. I thought I was the only person in the whole entire universe who refers to screeching babies as pterodactyls. Really, I thought that. I wish snow would go too, no offence to the sparkles. Hugs! Lydia ps - I hope you write us again soon, but not on account of Momma skipping lunch.

    • by Maggie on March 12, 2014  3:02 pm Reply

      Lydia, you're awesome! I'm not surprised that you use the pterodactyl reference either. After all, Brent tells me that you're my long lost best friend. : )

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