Funny Stuff the Kids are Sayin’

The other day, I found a bunch of stuff the kids had said that I had typed out. Wanted to share some of it here with you. In case you could use a chuckle or three.


Hilarious theology:

Gideon  “Everyone needs to cut their fingernails except for God.”

Hopey  “Yeah, everyone except God and Jesus. It’s a MIRACLE!”

Gideon  “Yeah, if they DID have to cut their fingernails, they would need some really huge clippers.”


At the supper table, Gideon spouted off his list of things that you should for sure absolutely NEVER ever do. Take note:

1. Don’t run into plexiglass.

2. Don’t touch a triceratops’ horn.

3. Don’t stick your finger in an electricity place.

4. Don’t ram your head into a tree.

5. Don’t punch yourself in the face.

6. Don’t stick your hand beside a ticking clock. (The second hand might chop your hand off. Duh.)

7. And DON’T break your momma’s glass.



Hopey, appealing to the cat, who had retreated to the tree:

“Heeeere Rascal-kitty,” she says, (in her sweetest little girl voice) “come on down now…I forgot what your fur tastes like.”


And lastly. The hilarious thing about my kids watching movies on old VHS tapes:

Gideon “Hey Momma, there’s gonna be some new movies coming out in fall of 2000!”

(You shoulda seen his face when I told him we already had those movies.)


That’s all for now, folks. Ya’ll come back now, ya heaya?

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