How to Feel (And Give) Jesus’ Love


You know the way I feel most loved by Jesus?

It’s through people.

I mean, I know Jesus loves me. I feel it when I’m reading His Word. And when I’m looking at the sky. Or a wildflower. Or a tree frog clinging to my kitchen window late at night. But, when I’m with people, and we’re all laughing by a fire, or praying together, or telling each other about our day or some random thing that happened–that’s when I most feel profoundly loved by Jesus.



Now, I’m not necessarily fully aware of it in the moment. But, later, when I’m by myself or awake in the night, I remember what it was like to be with those people that I loved and that loved me and that’s when I sense Him most.

I feel Jesus.

As if, He was standing right there with me all along and I could see the fire-light in His eyes. That’s incredible. It makes me want to be with people more and to love them deeper. Even though it can get messy. And awkward. Time with people is worth it.


I think that’s just the way God would have it.

I have this dream for the Church in America. I dream that when groups of us do get together, it’ll feel more like family and belonging to each other. We’ll learn how to be safe places for each other’s hearts. And as we meet all huddled up together, walls will come down.


There won’t be any more rivalry or competing with each other and no more comparing. Just the incredible gift of deep down knowing each other and letting ourselves be deeply known.

And of course, all of this done, with a fair amount of cheering for each other, and building each other up, and praying for each other. The reason why I have this passion, is because with all my heart, I believe that this is how we’ll feel more of Jesus’ love here in the world. And this is how the world can come to know who Jesus actually is.


We’ll give Jesus to each other,  through our eyes. And smiles. Through our words, and actions. And through our beating hearts. I want more people to feel and know the love of Jesus.

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