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Sometimes I pretend to be "The Pioneer Woman"

I don't know if you've ever read The Pioneer Woman, but you really should. She's the funniest blogger I've seen. Anyway, I bought a "leek" at the grocery store for the first time, and the following post is my very own rendition of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.Before you cook, it would be helpful if you could acquire a "Bubby" in the kitchen. Bubbies are very useful. They cheer you on and are willing to try just about anything. (Before spitting it out and throwing it onto your freshly mopped floor.Secondly, you need a messy kitchen. Always start out with a messy kitchen. That way, you're discouraged and mad at the world by the time you finish cooking.Next, you need a good ole' cookin' pan. A really big one if you plan to do a lot of cookin.'Make sure that it is nice and scratched up. It's always[...]

Just Call Me "Nature Tour Guide"

I really should be doing something else at the moment. You know, something like cleaning the bathroom, or putting those clothes up that I've piled on the chair, or vacuuming the room. But Bubby is sleeping and I'd much rather be telling you a I think I'll do just that.Remember Sally and Mander? Well, as much as I loved them with much love and fondness of heart, I decided that they would be far better off in the wild woods where they belonged, so I let them go. It was also getting harder to take time to feed them. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed pillaging through the leaves looking for grubs, but it was a funny feeling, parking Gideon in the stroller beside me as I sat down in the yard digging around. I wonder what my neighbors were thinking as they observed my daily rit[...]

Building Character in Your Spouse

When Brent and I were first married (6 months to be exact), we were asked to share our story with a gathering of coworkers. We thought it would be fun to begin with a bit of humor. We called it "Building Character in Your Spouse." Hope you enjoy!Building Character--Maggie's Version:While grocery shopping, insist that you buy random spices like, “cream of tartar.” When questioned whether or not you need it, say “Of course I do…I saw it in the cookbook this week.” Then be sure to leave it unopened in the cabinet for at least 6 months. (I have to say, that nearly two years later, I have yet to open that Cream of Tartar.)While cooking dinner, experiment with your spices. Be sure to use every spice in your cabinet (except the cream of tartar of course) and by all means, whatever the recipe bo[...]

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