Bubby and the Biter Biscuit

Hey there, Bubby. Whatcha got there?

Well, mama…(smack, crunch)…this here is a Biter Biscuit.
It’s pretty much (chomp, munch) the best thing ever in-bented.
This little thing right here is full of delectable goodness.

Melts on your mouth and in your hands!

I just take a bite (smack, crunch) outta this thing and I get this warm, fuzzy feelin all over my belly…

And before I knooow it, (speech begins to slur) this whole big world is just one…big… haaapppy place. (Hiccup.)

Here, Mom–you gotta try this!

No thanks, Bubby. I know what you mean, though. That’s how mommy feels about chocolate.

Chocolate–schmocklate…this stuff is incredible.

They’re even better if you just cram em down the ole hatch fast as you can and wait to breath till later.

Oh, foo-y. They disappear so fast. Surely there’s gotta be a crumb around here somewhere.
Momma, I’ll just go ahead and take another one of those Biter Biscuit thingies.

Huh? What’s this?

That’s weird. It doesn’t really look like a Biter Biscuit.

(Nibble, nibble.)

Aack! Doesn’t really taste like one, either.

Mom, I hate to tell you this, but this will not suffice.

Hand over the Biter Biscuits! Please?
If you do…

…I promise to never ask for anything again.
(So long as you give me an affinity number of em to last me the rest of my life.)


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