I know that winter has only just begun, and I really have been enjoying it, really, but it does help me to remember that spring is coming. Warmth is coming.

I planted over a hundred daffodil and tulip bulbs in our yard this fall. I put them down in a dark hole. I covered them up with dirt. And now they’re resting…and waiting.

I planted them because I needed hope. I need to know that the cold, dark months won’t last forever. I need to know that something beautiful is just around the corner. I needed something lovely to look forward to when the wintry winds come and the sun hides his face and all is gray and bleak…for a season.

And isn’t life that way, too?

I’ve been reading in the book of Hebrews and I long to express to you the hope I’ve found. Life is hard sometimes. Things look bleak now and then.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I have a lovely life and so much to be thankful for, but still there’s pain. There are fears. There’s the things that torment. There’s that hurting, that longing for something better. For good to always win. For light to triumph over darkness. And for all that is marred and broken to be made beautiful and to be healed. Oh, how I long for it. My heart aches for it.

So I whisper to myself that there is hope. Sometimes I shout it out–HOPE! The kind that’s an anchor for my soul. His Name is Jesus.

One day He’ll wipe away all the tears. He’ll take the brokenness and fix it, like it was meant to be all along, before sin entered in. He’ll melt Narnia. Spring will come. Beauty. Warmth. Forever. At last.

So I wait…in hope.

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