Just some thoughts from the day

Dear Friends,

I don’t have much to give you tonight. No witty stories about Bubby. No profound words to inspire you. But I want to give you something…so for the next few minutes, I’m just going to write to you some things from my heart…some things that I tell myself throughout the day. It will probably be random…because I’m random. But it’s from me to you…because I like you a lot and I just want to give something to you. I want you to be glad. I want you to love life.

Here goes…

(By the way, Bubby is chewing on my shirt right now. I’m letting him because I’m glad he’s here and well, somehow it’s keeping him entertained for a few minutes.)

  • Today is a gift! Did you look out the window today? I hope you did because life isn’t all about computers and to-do lists and cleaning and eating and sleeping. It’s about LIVING! And I think that if you take a moment to look out your window, or better yet, step outside and breathe in, you’ll enjoy your life a lot more.
    (Thank You, Lord, for creating me and blessing me richly with all things to enjoy.)
  • Today matters. What I choose to do with today matters. Although I may overestimate what I can get done in a day, I underestimate what I can accomplish in a week, or a month, or a year.
    (Lord, show me just one thing I can do today that will impact others for good.)
  • Life is short. This is really sinking in lately. In light of eternity, my life is truly just a vapor, a mist, like a flower that blooms and then fades. I’m not trying to be morbid, just reminding myself to treasure the moments. To lavish love on the ones God has given me. To forgive quickly. To not be afraid to say the most important things.
    (Lord, teach me to number my days, so I can gain a heart of wisdom.)

Well, there are other things on my heart to tell you, but my lap-top is running out of battery and Bubby is ready for bed. Thank you for letting me share. Thank you for reading my ramblings.

I’ll end with a blessing that I speak over Gideon each night as I lay him down:

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine on you…May He give you His peace. (Numbers 6:24)


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