Some Much Needed Light and Life

Today the sun came out to play. So, when Gideon laid down for a nap, I bundled up and sat in a little spot up against the house, soaking in all the warmth.

I’ve never yearned for spring this much–it must be these northern winters.
The sun-filled days are few and far between, but not one of them is taken for granted.

I try to look for beauty in the bleak. There is a loveliness about old things passing away and the promise of new things coming.

But a girl can only take so much wither and decay.

So today, I sought out some life…

And I found it, there at my feet, as I sat quietly in the sun.

And when I find life, I have to gather it up. So I found a bucket…

…and some tools for digging.
(This is what you use when you can’t find your spade.)

Here’s the dirt. I tried to be poetic about the dirt but I just couldn’t think of anything pretty to say about it, so I’ll just say exactly what I feel.

It don’t hurt to get the dirt on your shirt. Dirt is good. I like dirt.

There…now that’s poetry.

So, then I gathered up the living stuff…

…and I planted them in my pots and brought them inside.

Because I really need life all around me.

It helps me.


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