An Apple A Day Keeps the Carrots Away

Bubby, you know I love you, right?
And in order for me to be a good mommy, I have to feed you something besides peanut butter and jelly from now on.

No thanks, Mom. I plan to live the rest of my life on this stuff.

I really (smack, chomp) think we should keep life simple and just stick to this ooo-ee, gooyey galore that sticks to your innards.

Besides, what other food has a better theme song?

That’s cute, Bubby…real cute, but I still have to feed you something else.
What you need are some fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegeta-what?

VEGETABLES. They’ll help you grow healthy and strong. You know, things like broccoli…spinach…carrots…

Carrots? BLAH! Not even Daddy likes carrots.
And I don’t care if they do help me see better. I can see just fine.

I can see that this yummy morsel of pb& j is all the nutrition I need.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some jelly left on my tray…and I need to start dispersing it on the cabinets as usual.

Listen here, Bubbs…
I’m the momma, you’re the Bubby.
And the MOMMA says you need to eat something else.

Here, try this.

Tickle, tickle! Ohhh….shiiiiny.
Looks like a ball. Wonder how far I can chuck this thing?

It’s an apple…now eat it! It’s good for you.

Okay, okay…you da boss…here goes.

Now, if I could just get my widdle baby lips around this…here…I’m trying…I’m tryyying.

Mom, are you sure this is a good idea…what if I just save it for keeps?

Bubbyyyy–I said eat it!
I tell you what, if you eat this apple, I won’t give you any carrots for dinner.

Hmmm…sounds nice but moms are always doing tricky things. This probably is a carrot, and she’s disguised it as a big red shiny edible ball.

You know, it’s really not that bad. Once you get past the palpy paper part.

Mom, say you’ll make a deal with me.


C’mon, be a champ, just say you’ll make a deal!

Okay, but just this once…I’ll make a deal.

Hehe…from now on, I’ll eat an apple a day if you promise to keep the carrots away.

Alrighty then…hope you like Brussel sprouts.

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