Some days are harder than others

Today was a hard day. Some days are just like that, you know? I felt like such a wimp, emotionally. Gideon is at this stage where he’s no longer very fond of his toys and would prefer to play with cell phones, keys, the lap-top, toxic cleaning supplies, the toilet bowl and all the other “no touchies.”
And not only that, but he’s been getting frustrated so easily. If he doesn’t get something right away, he throws himself on the floor and begins banging his poor little head. Or he just starts smacking himself in the noggin while repeatedly yelling, “NO!” Or, then there’s the occasional biting whatever is nearest to him…the chair, the toy, my leg.

Now, please don’t misunderstand. I really like this little guy, I do. And I’m not lookin’ to ship him off to Abu Dhabi, just yet. But some days I wonder how I will ever get the kitchen cleaned with all his “help.”

And I was thinking it was pretty important to keep the bed made, and at least do a load of laundry, and to sweep the food up off the floor…

…but it just seems like, soon as one mess is picked up, there’s another one staring right back at me.

So, today when Brent came home from lunch, I just let him know that I was a bit weary, emotionally. My dear, sweet husband did his best to encourage me. He reminded me that little Bubby is only little for such a little time.

Sometimes all we need is just a few kind words to cheer us up. I decided that today house stuff could wait–so Gideon and I took a little field trip.

We went to the library and colored. Well, actually I colored. Gideon made repeated attempts to crawl on top of the table to reach the pencils.

Then we drew. Well, actually I drew and Gideon threw the colors in the pencil box and threw the pencils on the floor.

So, since the library outing wasn’t exactly working out as I had hoped, we decided to visit a nursery. There’s something healing for me when I enter a space full of vibrant life! And thankfully, Gideon didn’t seem to mind traipsing down row after row of blooming plants.

During the hard days, I try to remind myself of a few things. And the Lord is always kind to give me a better perspective in life when I look to Him for help.

For one, it’s an incredible privilege to get to be a stay-at-home mama. When I’m tired of sweepin’ the floor, I have to remind myself–at least I’m cleaning my own house and not someone else’s! (At one point, I cleaned cabins for a-livin’.)

And sometimes when I’m tired of hearing all Bubby’s temper tantrums, I try to remember–at least I’m the one that gets to be with him and not someone else. Seeing as he’s only little for such a little time.

And when I’m working on those mundane things that no one else sees and that don’t seem very rewarding, I quickly remember–I could be looking at teeth all day!
(I used to work at a dental lab–and looked at teeth…all day.)

So, in case tomorrow doesn’t go so well, either, and I forget all this great advice, will someone please remind me if you see me going bonkers?

Thank you.


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