What Love Does

Brent is gone to a meeting and Bubby is in bed. I really ought to be cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the floor, but I’m just plumb tired. Besides, it’s much funner to just sit here and write about “love” instead.

Speaking of love, I’m quite fond of this guy. And for some reason, he still says I’m pretty.

Even though my belly’s gettin really big and I put “Sun-In” in my hair and my roots are growin out way too fast. And even though I don’t look like that girl in the magazine rack at the grocery store…he still whispers, “You’re so beautiful.” He just keeps looking past all the blemishes and the tired eyes and into this heart of mine and he values things that can’t be seen.

That’s what love does.

Do you know what he did tonight? He knew he had a meeting to go to, so when he got home from work, he just took one look at tired me and noticed that I hadn’t even started supper, and then he said, “C’mon! Let’s go sit on the couch…I want to know all about your day.” And then I said, “But, I have to make dinner because you have to go.” And then he said, “No, I just want to hear how you’re doing.”

He stopped to listen even on an empty tummy.

That’s what love does.

So, I sort of told him about my day, at least, what little I could remember. And then I asked if he would just pray for me. So he did. And I cried while he prayed, because in the deepest part of me, I was feeling really discouraged and I didn’t even know it. And he took the time to ask our Heavenly Father for some more strength and some more grace and some more help. Then I felt whole again…like I had been broken and now I was healed.

And that’s what Love does.


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