The Proper Way to Eat a Doughnut

Hey guys–Bubby, here. I would like to make an announcement. At the wee age of nineteen months, I’ve properly mastered the art of doughnut consumption.

(Get ready for some raw talent here, folks.)

I come by this quite honestly. I’m an offspring of people who unabashedly slam on breaks and squeal their tires soon as they spot the glowing red sign at Krispy Kreme. (They assure me that everybody takes advantage of the free doughnuts and gingerly walks out…but it’s still embarrassing.)

Anyways, as a rule, I make it my aim to cram in as many doughnuts as my little mouth can hold and repeat “Fluffy bunny” four times fast.

It’s always nice to mix a little snot in there with ’em as I scarf ’em down.

Gives you kind of a sugar-high, you know?
Woe….puuuurple dragons are coooool.

Now, where’s the milk?


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