The Bubby-vator

The #1, top, very best thing about our vacation to the beach…that is, according to Bubby:

Hey Bubby, remember when we got to go on that vacation and we rode on that airplane and we flew all the way to Florida? And we saw the beach?

Yeah. And that elevator. 
 Uh, yes, but remember that airplane? Wasn’t that cool that we got to ride up there in the sky? And we saw those clouds, we were on top of the clouds in that really big huge AIRPLANE!
Yeeaaah. It took us to that elevator. 
Well, actually it took us to the beach. Remember? Can you say beeeeeeach? Wasn’t the beach amazing?
Yeah. We went down to that beach so we could get on that elevator.
Um…actually we rode the elevator so we could go down to that beach. Ohhh, remember the dolphins? We saw DOLPHINS! 
No. I don’t remember that. But I remember the BUTTONS! I love buttons. I love blinky-light elevator buttons. I like pushing all of them. Why did that man get so angry?
 Bubby, remember when we built that great big sand-castle on the beach and we were so nice and warm out there and the sun was shining on us and we were finally like, warm! Really warm. 
Mommy, that elevator goes up, up, updown, down, down.
It makes my tummy feel funny.
Riight…hey, did you like those shells we found? Weren’t they pretty? We found lots of shells, all different colors and sizes…they were sooo beautiful and…
Mommy. MOMMY! I really liked that red button on the elevator. It was very glowy. That was nice of them to put it down low so I could reach it good. But, why did that lady ask us if we needed help? And why did we have to run away so fast? I wanted to push it again. I wanted to push it seventy more times.
Bubby, that was a no-touchy.
But Papaw lets me push the buttons. He lets me go up, up, updown, down, down.
Open. Shut. Mommy, the elevator doors go open. Shut.  
But why did we have to leave? I wanted to stay on that elevator. I wanted to ride on it seventy more times.

When I grow up, I’m gonna be an elevator tour-guide. I’m gonna take people up, up, updown, down, down. Yeaah. And I’m gonna have my very own elevator and it’s gonna be called the Bubby-vator. But only I’ll be in charge of the buttons.
It’s gonna be great. I’ll sing people songs on our elevator rides and play the kazoo for them…

and I’ll serve great snacks, like pickles and popsicles.
I’ll even make cool race car noises when the door open–shuts.
Mommy, can we go on vacation today? But, what if I take a really good nap? I just love vacations. I’ve been kind of missin’ that elevator.

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