The Boogie Dance

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 Did you know that when we were just little folks, me and my brother invented the boogie dance? I mean, we invented the real, true, authentic boogie dance. There’s a lot of boogie dancers out there, but we were actually the first to ever boogie. Like, truly boogie. 
It happened on a crisp fall day. Or maybe it was a crisp late-winter day, I don’t actually remember. I just know it was a cold day because we were only allowed to play out in the woods in the front of our house during the cold months, before the snakes came out. (When you grow up in Arkansas/copperhead country, that’s just the rules.)
We were doing our usual woods exploring. We were always exploring, well, except for when we were playing like we were Indians, building tepees and booby traps. But on this particular day, we were down on our hands and knees, crawling through this big myriad of vine tunnels that the animals had made. It was intensely fun. Fun until something really freaky happened. Now, I was in front because I was always in front because I was very bossy and mean in that way. But, on this day, I may have been wishing I was in back. Because I was the first to crawl on top of the spider nest. I still remember, vividly remember. There we were on our hands and knees, crawling over this old fishing net…and then, to our utter horror, up came a bajillion little black spindly-legged spiders. A bajillion. It was like a volcanic eruption of arachnoid magnitude! And they got on us. All over us. We didn’t waste any time, folks. We did what any person in their right mind would do. We boogied. We boogied like no one had ever boogied before. Yes, in that forest, on that brisk winter day, we invented the boogie dance. 
I was thinking that you were wanting to know that. 

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