How I Will Spend This Day

Go ahead, loud, crazy, rambunctiously busy world…spin away.  Run this way and that way and make your racket and live your frantic, frenzied, stressed-out life. But not me. Not this girl. I might never be here again. I’m going to be still to see.
I’ll go take a peek at her while she sleeps. I’ll gaze at her long.

I’ll sneek in his room, trying not to trip over the blocks and the cars and I’ll just enjoy this moment of quiet. I’ll enjoy his being little. He’s almost two already and nearly too heavy for me to carry. I won’t wish him away. Not even when he’s loud…and boy is he loud.

I’ll pause long enough to admire the light streaming through. I’ll even rest. Why is everybody in such a hurry, anyway? Is life really more fun if you rush? Are you somehow worth more if you cram all the activity in? Then why are so few smiling?

So, go ahead world. You can rush on if you want. But I’d like to remember today. I like to see things clearly and not in a blur. This single snowflake on my window pane. That one bird perched way out on a barren limb. Little girl’s toes that curl at my touch. Little boy’s wild eyes as he crashes his block-tower, again and again. Husband’s goofy grin as I take notice of his ever-developing man-skills.
(Deep, contented sigh.)
So thankful for another day.

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