The Ways He Loves

By God’s good grace, I’m gonna start a new adventure on this here blogger-ma-jiggy. I’m gonna try to post more often. Which is no small thing for me, seeing as I have two little people and one big person (that would be Brent) to take care of in this life. (And I have a hard enough time just keepin’ up with myself!) But, what I’m going to be posting about more often is something that I’m already doing, so it shouldn’t be too terribly difficult, right?
For a little over a year now, I’ve been deeply impacted by a particular blogger, Ann Voskamp. God has used her to teach me how to fully embrace each moment in my life as a gift from Him. I do this by simply noticing the ways that He loves me–the ways He comes to me through a thousand “little” things. And I scribble them down, so I can remember. Because we humans have this bizarre way of forgetting the most important things.
And can I just tell you that I’ve fallen more deeply in love with Jesus by becoming more aware of how deeply He loves me? And have you heard me say how much I struggle with fear? This little discipline has helped me with that, too. 
So, here goes–the beginning of a new adventure. (Gulp.) I hope that when you come here to this little space, you’ll be encouraged. And that you’ll walk away becoming more aware of how much Jesus loves you, too.
Jotting it down…

The hope of spring! (And how no matter how long we have to wait during dark seasons of our life–God promises eternity. Forever Happiness.)
A whole clutch of beauty! These were brought to me by a friend who is far more radiant even than these. I see Jesus in her–feel Jesus through her. The way she smiles and the whole room lights up. The way she works, serving others, even when nobody knows and nobody sees but Him. And the way she joyfully waits on Him–trusting Him with her deepest longings.
New life!!! And the comfort in knowing that although there is death and decay all around me, yet there is life! New life! Renewal.
The light that seeps up over that hill and if I get up just early enough, I can peek out my front door to see it. And the way God’s forever light is seeping into time, wrapping up the whole of me.

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