Sugar High, Sugar Low

 You know a sugar high is coming when… 
Your mother hands you your very own dessert and you’re determined from the get-go that you’ll be gobbling down that whole big thing.
And when you leave no finger un-licked, no crumb un-nibbled, no drizzle un-slurped.
And you can be sure the sugar high is coming when although you know you really should slow down and savor each little morsel…
You cram it down like you just don’t care.
And when you’re feeling pretty stuffed and can’t imagine taking one more bite…

You go ahead and take twenty. 

But when you start to get the jitters and your head feels a little funny…
And you’re compelled to yell, “I’m CWAZY! I’m CWAZY!!!”
Well, then it’s probably true…you’re on a sugar high.
And if immediately after the crazy talk, you feel sad and just can’t focus…

And you’ve got this bizzare urge for some protein and a nap…then you know…you’ve got yourself a sugar-low.

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