Bubby, the Dunkster-o-rama Champion of the North

Good mornin’ folks. We’re up here at the Slam-dunk contest and we’ve got 2 season champion, Bubby Paulus at the hoop…that’s right, folks, he’s been slammin’ dunks since he was 6 months.
He surveys the crowd. He gathers his thoughts. He adjusts his pants. He burps. He steadies himself for another win.
He’s got the ball. He tightens his grip. He looks around for the basket. 
He spots the basket. It’s high, but not too high. He’s short, but not too short. 
Bubby flies through the air. He does a triple-spin deluxe. He manages three flips off the back-board. He touches his toes. He does the splits. Ouch. He decides to never do the splits again. 
Oh, wait. He gets his hands stuck in the net. Oh, shoot. This is embarrassing. He fumbles the ball. He gets a foul. His hands are getting fowled by the net. The ball is getting away. He loses his balance. He struggles for composure.
For just a moment, he feels like running away, back to his mama, far from the crowd. He wants his passie. He needs his blank-y. But he mustn’t give up. 
Deep breath. Focus.
The crowd is counting on him. The crowd starts chanting, he can hear it in the background. “Go, Bubby. Go, Bubby. Go, Bubby!”
Before you know it, he recovers. He’s got the ball again. 
 And He SCORES! Oh, yeah, buddy boys and girls. 
You’re lookin’ at the Dunkster-o-rama champion. 
Music plays..he is the champion, my friiieends. 
…and he’ll keep on fiiiighting till the end…
and the crowd…is still…going wild.

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