A Lesson from an Apple

Here lately I’ve been looking for beauty in the everyday stuff of life. Like in tomatoes and cabbage. Bell peppers and apples. That kind of stuff. It’s pretty neat when you slow down just long enough to really look at something. In fact, it’s astounding what you might find. 
So just recently a friend encouraged me to cut open an apple half-ways instead of the usual long-ways. (Sometimes in order to find beauty, you just have to go about things a little differently than the way you would normally go-along.)
So I did just that. And I found this–a star right in the center. I didn’t know there was a star right in the center of an apple.
And then another friend told me about this book she had read about how you can look at an apple and it represents the Trinity. I actually read that book when I was a kid. And then I forgot all about it. After all, who in the world is sitting around thinking about the Trinity? Well, actually I was. I know that sounds strange, but just this week I had found an old book that was stashed away in a box and I’ve been reading it. It’s a Bible-study of sorts and I’m learning about the Trinity. Of all things. I’ve been cutting open apples and learning about the Trinity. And here’s some things I’m discovering:
God has made Himself known to us as three distinct persons in One. The Father, the Son and the Spirit. (Isaiah 48:16) (Matthew 3:16-17) Three and yet One. Like an apple–the skin, the fleshy meat, and the core. And the more I learn about this God who reveals Himself as King of the Universe, Redeeming Son of man, and Comforting Spirit, the more I fall in love. Because when you’re captivated by something beautiful, your heart just sort of does that.
And you know what else is neat? That star in the middle. Right there in the center. I’m reminded of another star I read about in the book of Matthew…that star that led just some ordinary sheep-herdin’ folk right up to a stinky, dirty old barn where a King was born. A King of the universe who came to us as a Son of Man who would one day go back and send to us His comforting Spirit. A God who’s always with us. This Jesus who’s the Center of everything. 
He also calls Himself the Word. (John 1.) Is it any wonder then, that He’s always speaking to us? In a language we can hear? In the everyday stuff of life? A star in the middle of an apple.

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