Things I Love to Find

Little boots right close to mine, because that means a little Hope-girl is here walking around.
A  pile of things left by the door because that means there are these warm little hands and feet that go in them.
A random collection of stuffed animals, because that means we’ve got toys a-plenty and wee people who chuck them across the room and make a game of landing them on the bed.
A mess on my bathroom floor because that means this bathtub has seen it’s share of bubbles and these walls have echoed laughs and these tiles have been wet with small feet and lots of splashing.
And I love to find this boy absorbed in car parades because that means he’s actually entertaining himself.
And this girl playing with  trucks, because that means perhaps her brother will get along with her just a little bit better. 
And I love to find this man home again on his lunch break and sharing his lunch…
And I wonder if she’ll adopt the same motto I had with my Daddy. “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.”
And I love to find a CD in the mail with sweet, cheerful songs and the way it reminds me that I’ve got this Heavenly Daddy who’s the Giver of all these gifts. He’s always singing over me, so what have I got to worry about, really? 
Because in all the things I love to find…I’m finding that I am loved.

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