Bubby’s Big Day, like Really Big Day

Bubby’s been growin’ up. He’s almost three entire years old. High time to drive his own tractor, don’t you think? But we told Bubby that before he could drive a tractor all by himself, he had to first give up his passies. Because big farmer men don’t need passies. We told him that we’d get him some balloons and we would tie his passies to the balloons and he could send them off, up-up-and-away, high up to the sky. 
Bubby really likes his passies, but he also really likes tractors. So he went for it.
So we got him some balloons. And it just happened to be the coldest, snowiest day of winter yet, but we didn’t mind because we’re getting bigger and we don’t need those passies anymore. 
 Daddy shoveled a nice path on the driveway and we headed out to the passie-lift-off site.
And during the count down, Bubby had some second thoughts. And he kind of froze up with fear. Or maybe he just froze up because it was so stinkin’ cold outside. 
 So he mustered up some courage and he let those passies go. 
 And off they went. High up to the sky. And they got smaller and smaller…
 and smaller…
 while Bubby stood there getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
He was very brave.
But he was also very cold, so we went inside.
And that night Bubby comforted himself with the thought that some lonely tired seagulls out there somewhere found his passies and they were sleeping a little better. And that made him happy.
And he eventually fell asleep. And I’m pretty sure he dreamed about tractors.
The end. 


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