Hopey Writes

One day Hope was busy at the computer. A very old computer. An old computer that didn’t actually work, but she didn’t know that so she was typing away. Suddenly, she felt a wave of inspiration, so she began to write…

Once upon a time, there was this girl and all she had was a cat. That’s it. No house, no food, no dolls, no paper cups, no spare keys, no extra sets of clothes. Just a cat. And that was that. His name was Rascal. And her name was Rascalina. And they were quite happy.

But, then one day a handsome king came to town and he was looking for a cat. He had three dogs, a black stallion, two miniature donkeys named Beefus and Bosephus and a pig, but he didn’t have a cat. And he wanted one. He wanted one quite badly.

 So, he rode very magestic…majestick…no, no, no…

Uh, hey Bubby.  How do you spell majestically?

Well, let me just type it into spell check quick and I’ll get back to you. 
Tap, tap, tap.
Well, I’ll be. The Q. The Q is STUCK! I knew I should have picked the old laptop instead of this old keyboard. I think we should trade now!

Oh, bruuuuther.  Nevermind.

So, anyways, the handsome king rode into town and he saw a cat that he had always wanted. And so he followed the cat wherever it went and the cat went to the girl whose name was Rascalina. And the king forgot about the cat and gave the girl some food and a house and some spare keys and some paper cups and some extra sets of clothes. And Rascalina noticed that the king was kind as well as handsome so she decided to marry him. And they lived pretty happy together. 

Well, except for an occasional conflict over whether or not they should also acquire a small herd of goats. 

The end.

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