Because My Heart is Full


Today my heart is full and spilling out. So, I’ll spill it on this page and tell you what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for all this snow falling. And the way it bends limbs low and makes me feel like I’m hemmed in somewhere deep in quiet woods. And I’m glad I have eyes that see. Eyes that work when I look up and out. So much of my enjoyment in this life comes from seeing.

I’m thankful for little people that take naps. So, I can think or read or sit and stare at all the quiet. So I can pray and talk to God and ask Him things like, “How should I live this one life You gave me?” Or, “Could You open my heart even wider and fill it up with love?” Because with all these days, I just mostly want to love.

And I’m thankful for these two candles that flicker warmth and light on my coffee table. And that my God is teaching me to thank Him for those things right there, right there in front of me and that’s how all the fear gets chased away. Because I can’t be both thankful and afraid. And I can always be thankful. For that one thing right there in front of me.

And I’m thankful for my husband and how he’s a good friend to me. And when we get too busy, he’s still there and we can tell each other that we’re too busy. So, we can stop and talk and remember again how to fall in love.

And I’m thankful for my family. All of them. The ones that are close and the ones that are far. And for cell phones and email so that I can always talk to them. And always reach them. And how we all belong to each other. It’s so good to belong.

And there’s more to tell you, but I should go and do some work. Because, I’m thankful for my work and that it’s mine to do. And while I work, I’ll keep on thinking how life is crazy and strange because it’s full of all this hardness and pain and yet there’s so much pleasure and all this beauty and it’s good, it’s so good to be here.

Today my heart is full and spilling out. And I’m thankful.

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