What I’m Daydreaming About These Days

Hey, guys, there’s something I need to show you.
First of all, welcome to my backyard. See way out there between the playground and the shed? There’s a woodpile out there. Well, I just wanted to inform you that that’s where I’m gonna plant my garden this year. 
I’m very excited about that.
I really like my woodpile. And when we moved here, I was so happy to buy a house with a woodpile because it made me feel like I lived out in the country. And long before we had a kitty, I daydreamed about a kitty sitting next to my woodpile. And now we have a kitty and she does that. She sits by the woodpile and on the woodpile. But, the woodpile has to go because it’s all rotten stuff and that’s where I’m gonna plant my garden.
I don’t think I can express this enough–
Now, right now, there’s still snow on the ground. And when I was walking out to take these pictures, my nose was stinging and my fingers were burning from the cold. 
But the important thing is that there are these little buds on the trees, which means spring’s a comin!
It’s just so cool to think that soon all this dead stuff will be replaced with life!!!
Little growing things!!!
I’m just so excited!
I haven’t planted a garden in a long, long time. The last one I remember was when I was a teenager and I had begged my parents to let us have a garden in the backyard. So, my Dad tilled up the dirt and we planted way too many radishes and tomatoes and I waited way too long to harvest the corn and I let the weeds get way too overgrown. So overgrown in fact, that one hot Arkansas summer afternoon, I decided it was too dry to try to hoe all the weeds, so I came up with the “soaking method.” I put the garden hose on the garden for a few hours till it became a mud pit. And then my brother and I went slip-n-sliding up and down the rows. 
My mother was not very happy. My father was not very happy. That was the last time I was allowed to plant a garden.
See these old picket fences? We bought these from a garage sale last summer. They’re gonna go around my garden.
They used to be white but it appears I’m gonna have some scrubbing and painting to do. 
But, I plan on recruiting a couple of little people to “help.”
Yesterday, my seeds came in. I ordered some from Gurney’s. I was supposed to be ordering seeds for vegetable plants, but I couldn’t get past the flowers. I’m gonna have a row of zinnias and a row of wildflowers, and three rows of sunflowers! I’m not sure where I’m gonna put the vegetables.
But, I do want vegetables. I’m gonna plant some lettuce and some tomatoes and some carrots. That’s all I know about so far. 
Oh, and I’m gonna put these somewhere in my garden. I got these from a garage sale, too. Hopefully it will look nice and cottagy. I like cottage gardens.
Well, that’s all I wanted to show you for now.
Don’t worry, I’ll show you more later.

Peace out.

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