For My Mama On Her Birthday

Today is my mama’s 60th birthday, and since it’s not really polite to reveal a lady’s age, please don’t tell anyone I said that. 

My mama has been a good mama to me. She’s taught me a lot of things. She’s very logical and concrete in her thinking, and since I’m very random and un-concrete (or whatever the opposite of concrete is) in my thinking, we’ve been good for each other. I mean, we’ve kind of driven each other nuts before, but there was this glorious day when my sweet mama came to this amazing realization. We’ve been much better friends ever since. I remember her coming to me and saying something like this:

“Maggie, I think in a straight line and you think in a wiggle. Now, it’s not wrong to think in a wiggle, it just takes a lot more time to get from one place to another.” And she was right. It does take a lot more time to get from here to there, but oh, the fun we “wiggle-thinkers” have at getting things done!!! That is, we hope to get at least something done…in the middle of all our getting distracted.

So today I was thinking back over some lessons and advice my mom has imparted to me over the years. Here’s just some good stuff off the top of my head:
If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, the first time.
(She learned this from her sweet grandmother and passed it on to us.)
Be thankful. Always be thankful.
(I used to struggle a great deal with depressing thoughts– Mom would help cheer me up by reminding me to thank God for all my blessings. It really does work! You should try it!)
Pray often. God hears. He’ll help.
Chocolate helps, too.
Coffee helps as well.
Be honest. What do you reallywant to do? Then do it. 
(Good advice for a girl who was always trying to please others. Mom saw my tendency and she helped me to not be so overly concerned with other people’s feelings to the point of being dishonest with myself and others.)
Pay attention! (Oh, how I’ve needed this one. Details can sometimes be very important, as much as it makes me gag to admit that.)
Read the directions! (Um…I don’t actually obey this one. But, I do think about what she said after I mess the recipe up.)
Enjoy life! Go have fun. (Okay, okay, I will!)
It’s good to have a good mama. And a kind friend. I’m thankful I have both.
Love you, Ma!


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