When You Just Need to be Creative

Today we colored eggs. Not because it’s Easter, by any means, but because this mama is an artist at heart, and if I’m not creating something, anything, I nearly go bonkers.

The other day, my mother-in-law gave me this flower magazine from Gurney’s. The plants were too expensive for me to buy but I enjoyed looking at all the colorful pictures. And then I decided I couldn’t just toss those pictures, I had to make something with them. So, I sat in the kid’s floor with the scissors and cut and cut and cut. At first Hope and Gideon joined me, but after about five minutes, they were bored. Nevertheless, I continued to cut out flowers while they fought over craft scissors and used up way too much Scotch tape and sucked on the washable markers.

Sometimes I revert to a six year old. I even yelled when one of them ripped up my art. Didn’t they know how long it took me to make my own paper zinnias? Sheesh. Clearly, my master pieces are not well appreciated around here.

 Anyways, so today we colored eggs and soaked them in dye and it was quite fun.

 Except for the part when Hope wanted to stir the eggs in the cup.

Or the part when she licked the vinegar spoon. I told her not to do that. I told her it wouldn’t taste good. But, she’s kinda like me, in that she just has to try everything out herself. Immediately after, she started singing, “Now, IIIII’m a belieeeva!”

Then Gideon wanted to mix all the colors together so we dumped all the dyes in a bowl and it turned brown. And Hope wanted to dump them, too, but I wouldn’t let her so she screamed. She screamed really loud. I didn’t take a picture of that part because I noticed no one really takes a picture of the screaming part.

But, I did finally let her drop the eggs in the cups. Until they started cracking. And then I took them all away and she screamed some more.

And that was the end of our egg coloring.

But, don’t they look nice and cheery? And somehow I think they taste so much better this way, too. Especially the green ones.

The end.

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