Bubby Looks for a Prince

Once upon a time, there was a Bubby and his cute little sister, Hopey. And they were good friends because Hopey was incredibly fond of Bubby and Bubby was mostly fond of Hopey. I say mostly because Bubby was fond of Hopey on all the days, except the ones when she played with his trains, or took his favorite blue blankie, or attempted to eat off his plate, or tried to ride his bike, or sat too close to him during movie time. But, on all the other days, he was fond of her. Especially when she was sleeping.

One day Bubby decided it was high time to find Hopey a prince. Not that Hopey was a princess because she wasn’t. I mean, please don’t misunderstand. She was as lovely and delightful as any princess could ever be, but she just wasn’t exactly tender and fragile and dainty. Truth be told, she was a better climber than Bubby and though she liked to wear pink, she could hold her own which made her mama proud. But, either way, Bubby thought he should probably do the older brotherly thing of finding her a prince.

So he looked and looked…

And eventually he happened upon a wee frog. And Bubby had heard that frogs had a lot of princely potential, so he decided to interview him.

So he asked him questions like these:

Do you like tractors?

Do you like macky-cheese?

Do you like to wrestle?

Do you like trains? Do you like to share all the trains that you have? Do you even have trains?

And since Mister Frog Prince could not give a straight answer to any of these important questions, Bubby decided that he wasn’t worthy of his little sister.

So, Bubby told the frog to get lost and then he stood next to a log and contemplated what a good and protective and handsome and manly and nice big brother he was.

Meanwhile, Hopey sat contently on a bench looking as cute and delightful as ever, with one shoe off and one shoe on.

And Bubby never told her about the frog incident. Which is a good thing because Hopey had been known to run in the opposite direction of a frog or a spider or a worm or ladybug while shivering and yelling “no” rather vehemently.

Her mother is going to have to work with her on that.

The end. 

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