Addicted to Color

We’re addicted to color around here. And lately, we’ve been coloring everything. We color our eggs and our cream of wheat and our ice cubes and our cheeks and our shirts and our paper and our patio and pretty much anything we can get our hands on. We like color. Color makes everything so colorful.
God must love color, too. Because He colored the whole world with it. Even the galaxies. Did you know the galaxies are different colors? Breathtaking colors. And underneath the sea, way down deep, there’s all these colors, too.  I mean, He could have made everything black and white and we never would have known. But, He didn’t. He made all these shades and hues and they make life brilliant and vibrant and nice to look around at.
Do you ever wonder if God has a favorite color? Because it seems like He likes blue an awful lot. Since He made the whole sky blue. And that makes all the oceans blue.
And I wonder if He’s particularly fond of green. Because so much of the earth is green. All the grass and all the trees–so many different shades of green.
And aren’t you glad He gave us eyes that see the colors? Because He could have made all the colors but gave us eyes that only see gray. And again, we never would have known.
And I think it’s neat that He put it into our hearts to want to color the world, too. To make it more vibrant and bright and alive.  And I love to think about how God colors a story with our lives. Each day a brushstroke on the cosmic canvas that He’s making. And how someday, after all this is over, we’ll get to see the masterpiece He’s been creating all along.
This sort of hope helps me wait when the brushstrokes of my day just seem messy and chaotic and well, not so pretty.
 And I’m thankful I can trust the One who holds the paintbrush though I don’t always understand the art He’s making. 
Around here, we mix and swirl colors. And we lean in to the color saturated heart of God.

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