If You Give a Girl a Cupcake

If you give a girl a cupcake, she’ll probably just stand there, all polite, and him-haw around, as if she’s actually going to refuse the thing.
But, then she’ll catch a whiff of chocolate and somehow she’ll hear this angelic singing and she’ll forget that just minutes earlier, she had warded off sugar for the rest of her life. She’ll say something like, “Oh, well, um…okay. Okay, I’ll take it. I mean, if you really want me to.”
 Then she’ll kindly accept your gracious offer of delightful goodness. 
And she’ll carefully unwrap it…
Or if she’s trying really hard to be a lady, she might even let you unwrap it for her. You know, so she doesn’t get sprinkles in her hair or icing on her shirt.
 And then if you’re still looking, she’ll gingerly pick it up and nibble just a smidgen around the edges.
But, if you turn around even for a second, she’ll go ahead  and dig right  in and forget all about her hair or her shirt or the world and all it’s troubles. 
 But, then of course, she’ll put it back down, all dainty like, and try to convince herself that she’s plumb full and can’t take another bite.
 Until, that is, she has a sip of milk.
 Then, with all the manners she can muster, she’ll be ready to go again.
 But as polished as she tries to appear, she might still tump it. 
 But, she’ll be sure to clean her mess up. You know, so you don’t have to.
 And away she’ll go again, a-licking and a-smacking….
 Until she remembers that she’s got company. You’ll just have to forgive her if she’s not so good at concealing her utter shock and humiliation.
 Don’t worry, she’ll soon recover. 
 And she’ll resume relishing her sweet deliciousness as usual. 
 But, then she’ll need another sip of milk.
 And one last bite.
 No wait, two last bites. She simply must finish the icing. All the icing. It’s only polite.
And then she’ll politely excuse herself to kiss her father. Her handsome bearded father.
 And hug her mother, messy cheeks and all.
And then she’ll ward off sugar for the rest of her life…
 or at least until the next time you give her a cupcake.

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