It’s the very, very end of the day, and I really should be tucked in bed, but I just wanted to show you a few things.

Today there was all this sunshine in the yard. And I had a lot of things to do but the kids were resting and I couldn’t stand to think that all the sunshine was filling up the yard and I was inside washing dishes. Because around here, I have this saying. It goes like this, “Winter is coming! So, I should go outside.” So, I did. I put the dish towel down and I went out barefoot and I just enjoyed sitting in the grass and petting my cat and gazing at the blue patch of sky and felt the breeze all blowy. It was so blowy that I was going to capture this one little dandelion seed still clinging, but right before I clicked the shudder, it blew away.

And that little fleeting moment made me think about my life. How all my days are like dandelion tufts. They’re here for a moment and then they’re gone. So this is why sometimes I just be still and observe all that’s above and about me. Kind of like a child all full of wonder at something new. This is how I enjoy my one life. I just sit at the foot of a dandelion tuft. Lean back to feel the grass against my skin. Sit hushed long enough to notice that one little wren left singing a few solitary notes in the lilac bush. In those moments, I do feel so alive.

And also, in those “being still” moments, I notice these beautiful things. Well, they’re beautiful to me. Like, the way the grass grows tall by the slide. And how it looks more like a prairie there, than a playground. I know we’re supposed to mow our lawn and weed-eat better, but I really do like the prairie look.


Besides, if we never let our grass bloom or go to seed occasionally, I would miss the wonder of how it catches all this light! And I’m just weird enough to be completely enthralled by weeds bathed in light.

And speaking of light, did you know that a certain light even makes a mop bucket lovely to look at? (To me.) It’s true. I can be walking through the kitchen and stop right in my tracks at the sight of a bleach bucket in dappled light.

Oh, and I just wanted to show you one more thing. It doesn’t really go with the other pictures, except that this is something else I loved seeing today–my big brother wrestling with my kiddos. They haven’t seen him much, but it didn’t take them long to make him feel right at home. We wanted him to feel extra special so we tried to beat him up. He’s a good brother. I like him.

Okay, my brain is done working now. I just heard a zapping noise and saw some flashing lights.

Good night.

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