When You Wonder What the Cold Days Are Good For

The weather has turned cold on me and I’ve become this shameful wimp, preferring the warmth of the great indoors to the adventure of the great outdoors. We haven’t gone out in three days. I think that’s a record. I’m not exactly proud. 

But, my artist friend tells me that there are so many good things about the cold and winter coming. She tells me how everything has it’s own season, and the cold is for tucking in and being more still and quiet and for making art. She says it’s when the creatives get all creative. So, I look forward to that–making art. And I’ve got this book writing project, so I’ve taken a little time each day to craft with words. It feels good, to look out my window and see the sun but still feel warm in here, all tucked away and eager to create.

I’ve felt still inside lately. Like, my insides have felt quiet and peaceful and while I’m doing the dishes or playing with the kids, I’ve done a lot of singing songs to God and praying. He’s doing something in my heart and I think of Him as this grand Artist who also wants to create. So, I yield to Him my heart, like a canvas, and His Spirit is the brush and He paints strokes bold and vibrant. And though I can’t quite see the picture He’s making, I trust His heart and I know it will turn out good. There are seasons when you just have to patiently wait.

And I’m finding there’s so much joy in all the quiet and all the waiting. There are these moments when I’m enjoying my children more intensely now than ever. The way they run wild across the living room with their loud cackling laughter, crazy vigor and that fiery glimmer in their eyes.

Brent and I sit on the couch late at night and we talk till we’re plumb tired and even still we attempt to hash it out. And this morning he just draws me close and we remember again what it’s like to be still and reach out just to feel each other. I stand there, feet cold on the bathroom tile and listen to his heart beating. Just because. I keep thinking about different relationships in my life and how love always moves toward people. Always takes time to move toward people. Even when it’s not convenient. Even if it hurts. I don’t exactly have that down just yet.

So, the season turns and we tuck in. We lean close and we create. And all the while, the One who lengthens nights and shortens days, He creates, too. And I don’t know what He’s making with my life or with this new day. But, I’m learning to trust His heart. The cold, it helps me be still and teaches me to wait. And it is good.

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