If You Happen Upon A Bullfrog

 If you ever happen upon a bullfrog, don’t be skeered. He’s nice.
Now, he might try to intimidate you. He might look you straight in the eye and croak. 
Or he might rare his back and bloat out his belly and puff out his legs, but it’s all just a joke. 
‘Cause the truth is, you’re awful big to him so he wants to be big too. He wants to make you think he’ll zap you up with his ginormous tongue and swallow you right down. But, he’s just plumb terrified that you’re over there sizing up his hind haunches and that you’ll cook him up in a frog-leg stew. 
So, don’t let his silly tactics fool you. He’s actually just a nice guy. Really. 

If you’re easy-going and gentle, and don’t scream like a girl and high-tail it the other way, you can make friends with him. You can even pick him up.  

So, go ahead. Try it out. Pick him up. 

Oh, I know his belly’s slimy. 

Yes, I know his legs are grimey. 
And his back is sticky.
And his feet are icky.
But, don’t you think he’s a cute little fellar? C’mon. He’s so cute. Just try it.   

There you go. Easy does it. Just nice and gentle-like. 
Now, let’s start singing…everybody together now….
Jeremiah was a bullfrog
He was a good friend of mine…

Isn’t he great! Isn’t he glorious! Isn’t this fun!

What’s that? You’re gettin’ the heebie geebies?  
His belly is way too squishy? 
You’re afraid he might pee?
You wanna throw him down and do a boogie dance?

Just be brave. 
Remain calm.
Keep your cool.
See, he’s your friend. He likes you. Oh, he loves it when you hold him like that. See, he’s really quite tolerable. 

Alrighty then. Whoooooo’s next?

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