Enjoy your life, my love

Little boy, did you see the ants today? Those ones in the long crack in the driveway, that just keep on keeping on, even when you leave tire tracks, right smack dab through the middle of their hill? All their hard work? They’re busy little creatures. They don’t seem to let defeat discourage them. They just keep building.

Enjoy your life, my son.

Little girl, did you see that one sparrow? Who built her nest in mama’s peat moss basket? She flits off to bring more food to her babes, being careful not to swoop too close to the kitty. Her little ones are growing up so fast. Come hot summer, they’ll be grown and gone. For now, she just keeps singing and filling up their bellies.

Enjoy your life, my love.

Little boy, do you notice the way your sister sees you? Like, you’re her bestest buddy-chum pal? The way she pats your back when you’re sad and brings you chocky milk when you’re just waking up in the mornin’? How when you tell her your ideas, she really seems to like them? And she goes along with you playing tractors, so long as you tote her baby-doll in your wagon. It’s good to be loved like this. She knows you well and loves you inseparably deep.

Enjoy your life, my boy.

Little girl, did you see the way the cottonwoods are shedding their pollen, and how the wind whirls and twirls it around so that the backyard looks like a fairy-tail? And did you catch the scent of peonies in the breeze? Close your eyes, little darlin’ and just feel the warmth and all the light and love and beauty around. What’s that? You want mama to push you again on the swing? We’ve got time. Those dishes can wait.

Enjoy your life, my love.

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