Letter from Home

Dear people that I made,

Why do you live like I don’t exist?

It’s not like I don’t make it plain before your face. As if I’m not daily shouting it out, “Here I AM!

I do. I shout it. I very much shout it. I made this whole wide world in such a way that you would clearly see Me. So you’d see My glory. And My grace. I gave you breath and beauty so you’d go looking for Me, so you could find Me. 

Why walk here blind when I would have you see? Take a long and thoughtful look at what’s right in front of you. This art I spoke into existence with My own words. My Personhood is reflected in the wildflowers at your feet and the sky above your head.

Look up. Look out. Open wide your eyes and really see! Those leaves are crimson letters on the branch, spelling out the reality of Me. 

And why do you worship everything else? I carved out that ache within your soul so you’d come ravishingly hungry-hunting after Me.
I’m the only One who can satisfy your glory-starved heart. I tucked eternity down deep inside you. I am your heart’s true home.
Don’t pretend like I’m not here. 
Don’t treat Me like I’m not your Maker. As though I don’t matter much.

I gave you a heart that feels and ears to hear and eyes to see. So, go. Explore the world. Hunt for beauty. Gather up the glory. Mark it all down.  Collect things you find. Notice the details. Trace the contours of My creation.

But, in all your living and doing and being, don’t miss Me.

I am here. I am.

Open wide your eyes and see.

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