A Chat With Gideon Over Applesauce




Mom, this applesauce tastes weird. Like, it tastes squishy.

All applesauce is squishy.


Yeah, but this kind is different. Like, it’s even squishier. It has this taste on my tongue and the taste is squishy.

Huh. I don’t know, son. I don’t know how that happens.



Well, how much did it cost?

Not very much.

How much, though?

I don’t know, bud. Like, a dollar and something?

Yeah. Well, the less amount that it costs is the less amount that it tastes good. Yeah, that’s why I don’t like it. That’s why I was asking you that. Because I think you should get the kind that costs more.


I mean, this kind is okay. It’s just squishy. Because I think the apples that it was made from were squishy. So, it feels weird on my tongue.

Well, you need to go take a nap now.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate rest time!!!

I want to eat my applesauce.

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