Book #2 (Doesn’t that title sound poetic?)


So, I’m in the process of writing another book. Which is fun, because I like writing. A lot. I like it so much that I try to do it a little bit each day of the work-week. Though, sometimes I’m so excited about writing that I can’t focus and so I check facebook and then read some blogs for inspiration and then check facebook again, and before I know it, all my writing time is gone.

But, hey. I’m not doing that. Did you hear that self? Don’t do that today.

Now, I haven’t signed a contract or anything quite yet. I wanted to get a plan down first, because I hear plans are good things to have and once a contract is signed, well, then that’s serious business. Deadlines have to be met, which is exciting and exhilarating but there’s no more loli-gaggin’ around if you know what I mean.

So, I’ve been doing a lot of reading back through recent journals and older blog posts, looking for a theme. And I’ve been doing lots of praying and trying to listen to the Holy Spirit to get some direction. (Do I sound like a charismatic? That’s okay. I don’t mind.)

And I think I’ve got it. At least, I’ve got enough to step out of the boat, eyes on Jesus, and head out on another book writing adventure with Him.


I’ve found three main themes that I’ve written a fair amount on, so each vignette in this new work will be filtered through the trinity of these:



Kingdom life.

I want this book to be chocked full of hope. Hope for the folks who struggle with discouragement and depression. Hope for the mommas (and daddies) who are muddling along. Hope for the people who aren’t so sure about Jesus but are just trying to find their way.

I’d love for this little work to make it into the hands of those who are on the fringes. The ones who are just sort of dangling by a thread. And yes, I aim to write to the Jesus-followers and encourage them in the Kingdom life. But, I also want to write to those who have been hurt by the church, too.


Typically, when you write a book or compose a blog post or prepare a message for a crowd, you’re supposed to narrow down your audience and identify who it is you want the message to actually reach.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned since the release of my first book, it’s this–I’m not here to write to the masses. I don’t even have to muster up a big ‘ole platform or frantically figure out ways to grow a massive blog or gain a bazillion twitter followers. (Whew, huge relief. I sort of stressed myself out about that for a few weeks.)

I’ve narrowed down the audience of the ones I want to speak into and if my words ever reach farther than these folks, well, that’s nice too.

You wanna know who my audience is? It’s simply this: the ones I love. The folks whose faces I can see. I’ve always got them before me when I’m writing and thinking and praying and I’m not letting those faces go.

I’ve grown content, deeply content and satisfied with writing to the ones who God has specifically given to me.

So, here’s to the beautiful freedom of getting to write and love the folks right next to us and going on adventures and looking for God’s light, in everything.


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