When You Want To Change Things. Help Things. Heal Things.


I passed this church sign the other day. It said, “Prayer is the next best thing to being there.”

And I get what they mean…mostly. But, it seemed more like a sure-tell sign of how the Church actually views prayer–as always the “next best thing.”

Like, “Well, I can’t change this, so I guess I’ll pray.” Or, “I can’t help that person, so since there’s nothing else, I’ll just have to resort to praying. Maybe, maybe that’ll be good for something.”

And I wonder where we get this mentality, because Jesus sure didn’t hand it down to us. Jesus portrayed for us a life utterly dependent upon God in prayer. Prayer wasn’t something He did as a last resort, or even as the next best thing. Instead, He showed us that prayer is the way we actually live our life.

I wonder if this is why so few miracles happen today. We don’t think God is all that powerful or even willing to do much about the stuff that concerns us. So, we do what we can and then, there at the end of the day, when there’s nothing left in us, we mumble up a few tired prayers.


I went to this counselor when I was in college. I was pretty messed up there on my insides and I was falling apart, though on the outside, I might have seemed okay. My counselor was this older grandfatherly man and when I stepped into his office, he had all his psychology and counseling degrees hanging up on the wall. You know, just in case I doubted his credibility.

But, do you know what he did for me? He prayed with me through all my stuff. It was long and intense. There were some hard things. But, he kept going and in those hours Jesus did the most profound healing in my heart that I’ve ever experienced.

To this day, I cry deeply thankful tears when I think about that sweet man and what God did for me.

I think that’s why I know it deep down–that prayer is exceedingly more powerful than we think it is. It’s God availability to us to change things, with Him. To heal things. To help things.

Perhaps it’s the most important thing that a person with a speck of faith can do. And the cool thing is, it’s not that hard. You don’t even have to use fancy words. It’s something a little kid as well as a dying old person can do.

“Call to Me. And I will show you things that you’ve never seen before.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

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